Everything You Need to Know About Diamond Grinding Wheel Dressers

Diamond wheel dresser

The surface of a grinding wheel can be trimmed or dressed using a diamond grinding wheel dresser. A diamond grinding wheel dresser is a wonderful tool to use to maintain wheels properly.

It aids in altering or restoring a wheel’s original construction. Additionally, it is utilized to make grinding wheels’ sharp corners again and it assists in clearing out the blocked areas of the wheels, thereby, maximizing performance.

Below, we explain everything you need to know about diamond wheel grinding dressers.

Types of Diamond Wheel Dressers

There are four types of diamond dressers, and we will be explaining each of them and their functions so that you can better choose the right diamond dresser to get for your wheels.

Single-Point Diamond Dressers

Single point diamond dressers are employed in a variety of grinding operations, including centerless, OD, and surface grinding. They are quite versatile and are made using raw diamonds placed in holders using unique bonding. Single point diamond dressers can be used in getting rid of worn-out abrasive grains and they return the grinding wheel to its exact shape.

Multi-Point Diamond Dressers

This tool works best for smoothing and adjusting grind wheels. It is quite useful for thinning and truing up traditional forming wheels and it has its own unique manipulation for adjusting unusual arcs, angles and shapes. Multi-point diamond dressers are strongly recommended for cylindrical grinders.

Forming Diamond Dressers

Due to its wedge-shaped tip, forming diamond dressers are popularly known as a wedge-shaped dresser. They can grind both edge surfaces and both sides in a wedge or rounded shape. Forming diamond dressers must be used with the right angle because the right wheel shape will not be achieved if paired with the wrong diamond angle or round shape. They are used to make a concentric multi-step in standard abrasive grinding wheels. There are two different kinds of diamond dressers: chisel type and cone type.

Impregnated Diamond Dressers

Impregnated diamond dressers are the most durable and resistant, which is why they are recommended for larger and broader traditional abrasive wheels. They are used to dress and true traditional abrasive wheels, and they take a shorter time.

PCD Dressers

PCD dressers have high processing precision and excellent thermal conductivity, as well as a sharp cutting edge. They are an excellent abrasive material and are capable of cutting hard materials and clamping at fast speeds. PCD dressers can also be reused, so they are perfect for a reduced cost.

Useful Tips for Using Diamond Grinding Wheel Dressers

  • Buy a high-quality product. This is why you should stick with a reputable manufacturer or distributor who is known for distributing high-quality products. GCH Tool Group distributes the best diamond wheel dressers.
  • Replace the diamond when it becomes flat and dull. Also, select a diamond with the matching carat weight for your wheel diameter. If you have larger wheels, go for an equivalent diamond size.
  • Dress the wheel frequently to avoid loading the surface.
  • When inserting the diamond into the holder, avoid striking the wheel.
  • Never align the shank of a single point tool with the center of the wheel. Always offset the shank by 10 to 15 degrees.
  • Avoid quenching heated tools because doing so could cause a diamond to shatter. Allow it to cool.
  • Begin dressing at the wheel’s highest point, which is typically the center.
  • Before putting in a new dresser, reduce the existing feed. This is to prevent damaging the diamonds.
  • Set the diamond point at a 10- to 15-degree angle
  • Use coolant to avoid overheating
  • Cut in bits. Select a depth of about 0.001 to 0.002 inches maximum for roughing and 0.0005 to 0.001 inches for finishing.

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