Centerless Grinding Machines: Why Manufacturers Prefer Them

Due to its many advantages, the use of centerless grinders in the manufacturing industry has changed the game for many manufacturers and impacted their businesses positively. Not only have centerless grinders helped manufacturers reduce the cost of production, but they have also had a greater impact on precision.

Reasons Why Manufacturers Choose Centerless Grinding Machines

Below are some of the main reasons why manufacturers choose centerless grinding machines.

Increased Productivity

The incredible design of a through-feed centerless grinder makes it possible to quickly grind thousands of pieces. The limited width of traditional cylindrical grinders necessitates numerous cuts to treat the same item. Amazingly, the centerless grinder can process up to 200 to 300 parts per minute in which the exact number depends on the part’s size.

Reduced Set-Up Time

A centerless grinder can finish the entire manufacturing cycle without needing to reset. In addition to saving time and money on personnel, this also lowers the risk of mistakes.

Increased Safety

Centerless machines provide increased safety and ensure attachments’ automatic loading and unloading. In addition, there are hydraulic work ejectors with magazine-style, hopper-fed and even vibratory feeder options for through-feed applications.

Significant Cost Savings

Once set up, centerless grinders require little to no maintenance. There is no need for modifications because the grinding process is advanced, which lowers maintenance costs.

In-Feed and Through-Feed Options

Through-feed grinding and in-feed grinding are both simple choices for a manufacturer. The through-feed approach is best for common OD sized components along their length, whereas the in-feed method is appropriate for grinding complexly formed cylindrical pieces.

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