Top 5 Must-Have Okuma Grinder Parts for Optimal Performance

okuma grinding machine

When looking for a grinding solution that combines accuracy and productivity, think Okuma grinders. Okuma grinders are known for precision, high productivity and, most importantly, long life. Okuma has been in the grinder manufacturing business for over 90 years, so building grinders that can offer extreme precision is a result of experience combined with expertise.

Even though Okuma grinders are highly durable, it does not eliminate the need for regular maintenance and replacement of parts when required. Worn-out grinder parts can lead to reduced efficiency and performance, which poses significant safety hazards. Therefore, like other grinders, it is vital to maintain your Okuma grinder and replace parts as required.

Another advantage of Okuma grinders over many other grinder brands is that Okuma builds all its parts and components in-house. It does not rely on third-party providers to manufacture Okuma grinder parts. This makes their grinders even more reliable.

5 Must-Have Okuma Grinder Parts That You Should Keep in Stock

Read on to learn more about these grinder parts, features and the benefits they offer.

Wheel Dressers

Wheel Dressers

This is a critical grinder part to have in stock. Wheel dressers are used to re-sharpen the tiny cutting edges on the surface of the grinding wheel. Grinding wheels wear down over time due to the abrasive nature of the materials they work with, but the dresser will true it up and return it to its original round shape. GCH Tool Group remanufactures wheel dressers to new specifications.

Wheelhead Assembly

Wheelhead Assembly

A wheelhead assembly is another critical component of a grinding machine that must be in stock.  The wheel head houses the grinding wheel spindle and is used to hold and rotate the grinding wheel. Having spare wheelhead assemblies on hand allows for quick replacement in case of emergency repairs. GCH also offers remanufacturing services for wheelhead assemblies. We follow standards that meet or surpass OEM specifications when remanufacturing wheelhead assemblies by doing the following:

  • Replacing all perishable parts with new parts
  • Removing old ceramic from spindle-bearing journals and replacing it with either new ceramic or chrome, depending on the application.
  • Rebuilding lubrication systems, if applicable.
  • A run-off of the completed grinding wheelhead assembly on specially designed test stands for eight hours before shipping to ensure quality and reliability. 



The headstock is positioned over the bed and holds the workpiece in place. GCH stocks new headstock for your Okuma grinder and can help remanufacture your headstock. Your headstock will be remanufactured in GCH’s in-house manufacturing facility. When you bring your headstock to GCH, be assured that it will be rebuilt with 100% new parts and be completely remanufactured to new specifications.



The tailstock is located opposite the headstock of a grinder and it attaches to the spindle. It’s used to hold and support the weight of the opposite end of the workpiece while it is being machined. Simply, a tailstock helps keep the workpiece steady and aligned properly while it spins, ensuring it stays straight and parallel to the lathe bed. GCH Tool Group stocks a variety of new tailstock for Okuma grinders and can also assist with the repair or remanufacture of your OD grinder tailstock to new specifications.

Steady Rests

Steady Rests

Also known as steady rest supports or simply rests, these are another must-have Okuma grinder part. Both CNC and conventional grinders need steady rests. As the name implies, steady rests help keep the workpiece steady or stable by eliminating unnecessary movement during grinding, boring, milling or turning. This ensures consistency and eliminates the need to rework and scrap. GCH Tool Group supplies steady rests for your Okuma grinders.

Some Key features of GCH steady rests are:

  • Compatibility when retracting in-process gaging (IPG)
  • Modular regrindable carbide or relappable PCD work rest pads
  • Suitability for all crankshaft, camshaft and cylindrical grinding applications
  • Three-point finely adjustable centering capability, resulting in high accuracy

Partner with GCH Tool Group for High-Quality Grinder Parts for Okuma Grinding Machines

GCH Tool Group is the company to partner with for Okuma grinder parts, and we also remanufacture new replacement parts and components. All our parts come with an exclusive warranty! Visit our website for more information about the services we offer.

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