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Diamond Wheel Dresser

Diamond Wheel DresserIf your project demands precision and effective grinding, a diamond wheel dresser from GCH Tool Group can help you reach your goals.

What Is a Diamond Wheel Dresser?

A diamond wheel dresser is a grinding wheel that has one or multiple diamonds mounted on a tip or shank through a sintering process. The diamond wheel dresser applications you’ll most likely encounter are truing and dressing of abrasive grinding wheels.

This grinding wheel dresser method impacts the grinding performance of the grind wheel, work-finish, and size. 

What Are the Types of Diamond Wheel Dressers?

There exists a variety of diamond wheel dressers to choose from. Below, you’ll see a list and description of the types of diamond wheel dressers available at GCH Tool Group.

Single Stone Dresser

As the name implies, a single, unpolished diamond is mounted to the tip of the shank. The diamond can be either natural or synthetic.

Multi-Stone Dresser

This dresser has several stones mounted to a single shank. This can be further divided into two sub-types: single layer or double layer. A single layer has two or more diamonds embedded into a single layer on the surface, while a multi-layer multi-stone dresser has laminated layers wherein the diamonds are inserted.

Dresser for Forming

This dress has a diamond that has been formed by polishing (also known as forming). The shape of the diamond will vary depending on the project demands.

Impregnated Dresser

Also called a nib or bond dresser, this type of diamond wheel dresser has many diamond abrasive grains mounted in a specific shape or by specific dimensions via a metal binding material, all mounted on a single shank.

Blade Dresser

A blade dresser has a rowed, layered multi-stone setup.

Rotary Dresser

For a rotary dresser, diamonds are embedded in the periphery. It can either come in a straight shape or form shape. 

Applications of Diamond Wheel Dressers

The following is a list (not exhaustive) of other types of diamond wheel dressers and their diamond wheel dresser applications.

Single Point Dresser Applications

Used for OD and/or side dressing of conventional wheels, it can be used on:

  • Cylindrical grinders
  • Surface grinders
  • Tools and cutters

Grit Impregnated Dresser Applications

Made from crushed diamonds, these grinders are exceptionally sharp and therefore are better suited where a longer life, frequent dressing cycle, and consistent surface finishing are required.

Multi-Point Indexable Dressers

Multi-point indexable dressers are best used for cylindrical grinders and for dressing abrasive wheels for OD grinding, centerless grinding, and surface grinding. They have sharp, natural diamonds set in a straight or circular crown at right angles relative to the operating plane. The crown can be re-adjusted on the shank for new points when the indexed positions are worn out.

Order Diamond Wheel Dressers from GCH Tool Group Inc.

Whether you’re looking for new diamond wheel dressers or grinder parts, GCH Tool has you covered. We provide diamond tools suitable for a variety of grinder brands, like Cincinnati Milacron, Brown and Sharpe, Heald, Blanchard, Bryant and more.

GCH provides grinding wheel dresser assemblies for all important brands of centerless grinders, OD grinders, double-disc grinders and ID grinders. All dressers at GCH Tool Group are tested extensively to replicate the real-life conditions in which they will be used.

With more than 10,000 new grinder parts in inventory, GCH Tool can take care of all your grinding machine part and repair needs. Let our sales engineers select the right tooling for your application.

Contact us today to learn about our diamond wheel dressers or fill out our RFQ form to get quick, knowledgeable assistance from an experienced sales engineer for your grinder parts and components needs. Our quick response and expert advice will keep your production running 24/7.