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Spindle Repair and Rebuilding Services

spindle repair services

GCH Tool repairs and rebuilds spindles for grinders and other machine tools, including all types of CNC spindles.

Spindles are a critical component of your grinder and other machine tools, such as lathes and mills.  When your spindles are not performing as they should, it’s essential to pick the right service provider for a spindle repair or rebuild.  By selecting GCH Tool, you’ll be assured that your grinding spindles, machine tool spindles and CNC spindles will be in the hands of a company that has the necessary expertise and skill.

Learn below what spindle or rebuilding entails and what sets GCH Tool apart from other companies. 

How long does a spindle last?

With normal use, spindles can last quite a long time, often 10 - 15 years or much longer. But, it’s largely dependent on how the spindle is used, that it’s not overloaded and pushed in an application it was not meant for, running at speeds too fast, and the spindle should be kept clean from contaminations. Regular maintenance of the machine also helps make spindles last longer.

What is spindle repair?

Spindle repair or rebuilding entails a multi-step process that includes inspecting the part, identifying the root cause of the failure, repairing damaged components, balancing, assembly and final testing.  

GCH has over 30 years of experience providing grinder and machine tool component repair and rebuilding services for all major industries including aerospace, automotive, bearing, medical and others.

Our spindle repairing process begins with an evaluation and tear down of the spindle, disassembling and logging each part.

Then we chemically clean and geometrically inspect each component, checking for any flaws down to half a micron (.0000019 inch) in size. Encoder testing is done for feedback accuracy.

Machining and dynamic balancing to stringent tolerances on ultra-precision balancing machines by our expert staff are next.

All housing bores, shaft journals, shoulders and faces are restored to better than OEM tolerances.  All parts are 100% inspected, after restoration, in our metrology laboratory before assembly.

After final assembly in our isolated precision spindle room, each spindle runs for a minimum of eight hours on specially designed test stands to assure that quality tests are performed at various temperatures and speeds. Everything is done to ensure the verified dimensions and performance characteristics that you need, and every remanufactured spindle meets or exceeds new OEM specifications. Each rebuilt spindle comes with a detailed test report and balance analysis.

Our expert spindle repair services save your operation time and money.

slideshare thumb spindle repair and rebuilding services 

Spindle Repair & Rebuilding Services from GCH Tool


What is a CNC spindle used for?

There are many types of spindles used on CNC machines; it’s the part that provides rotary motion and its design determines the speed and cutting force of the CNC machine.  With CNC grinders that operate at high speeds for many hours and cycles, the spindle is a part of the machine that takes a lot of wear and tear.

What to expect of spindle repair or rebuilding?

The meticulous care we take with every spindle rebuild underscores the value-added benefits of working with GCH:

  • Failure analysis report
  • Hi-Pot test all motors
  • In-house machining (better control of delivery)
  • State-of-the-art gaging
  • 10000 Class clean room
  • Run closed loop (Siemens/Bosch (Indramat)/FANUC)
  • Vibration data
  • Final inspection reports
  • Video of runoff

That level of care extends even to delivery, with heavy-duty corrugated boxes for spindles up to 100 pounds and heavy-duty plywood custom crates for larger spindles.

Brands of spindles repaired and rebuilt

Some of the many brands we service include:

  • Cincinnati Milacron
  • Bryant
  • Chiron
  • Colonial
  • Fischer
  • GMN
  • Heller
  • IBAG
  • Kessler
  • Kingsbury
  • Mag
  • Makino
  • Mazak
  • Mori Seiki
  • Okamoto
  • OKK
  • Okuma
  • Parker Majestic
  • Pope
  • Setco
  • Toyoda
  • Weiss
  • Whiton Spindle

Hassle-free spindle repair

To eliminate costly downtime, we offer spindles and spindle assemblies through our exclusive Remanufacturing Exchange Program. Spindles and assemblies can also be purchased outright, should a spare be required for immediate in-house repair or development of a new application.

Our spindle repairing services cover a wide range of machinery, such as lathes, mills, grinders and CNC machinery. Let GCH provide you with repair or rebuilding services for a variety of spindles:

  • Roller bearing spindles
  • Filmatic spindles
  • Hydrostatic spindles
  • Belt drive spindles
  • Motorized spindles
  • High frequency spindles
  • Integral spindles
  • Sleeve spindles
  • Twin grip spindles
  • Cantilever spindles
  • Hydrodynamic spindles
  • CNC spindles

Not sure what to do with a troublesome spindle?

Read these articles:

Contact GCH to speak with an experienced sales engineer for quick, knowledgeable service about our spindle repair and rebuild services. Or, learn more about our available inventory of new, used and remanufactured spindles.