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Centerless Grinder Training

GCH Global Service provides centerless grinder training for machine operators and other personnel. Instructors complement traditional training with personal insights and tips garnered over many years of hands-on field work. Whether you need a single course or a multi-subject training program, GCH will tailor a grinder training curriculum to your precise needs and location. Course material and subject matter can be geared to the beginning or advanced student. Whether you have one person or ten to enroll, the benefits of centerless grinder training with GCH Global Service will pay off well into the future.

Common centerless grinding training topics include:

  • A beginner’s guide to centerless grinding
  • Basic grinding principles and theory
  • The ins and outs of throughfeed grinding, infeed grinding and endfeed grinding.
  • Proper grinder setup and practices
  • Wheel selection and application
  • Troubleshooting and fixing common errors:
    • Achieving desired finish
    • Eliminating chatter
    • Achieving perfect roundness
    • Removing taper
    • Maintaining precision and reliability
    • Increasing throughput
    • Proper use of push/pull
  • How to get the most out of your centerless grinder
  • Easy preventative maintenance
  • Routine care for your centerless grinder

Our trainers provide course literature and use PowerPoint presentations and hands-on demonstrations to provide the training your employees need to be successful centerless grinding machine operators.

With extensive backgrounds in centerless grinding, our trainers are well-prepared to answer any questions your employees may have and can address a variety of issues. Class discussion can also lead to uncovering maintenance issues with your centerless grinder that you may be unaware of without having to schedule a formal inspection of the machine.

Contact GCH for more information about our training programs.