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Lubrication Systems for Grinders

lubrication systems

The GCH Tool Group automatic lubrication system delivers a controlled amount of lubricant to your grinder, lathe, mill or other machine tool, helping to reduce friction and wear, and improve performance and lifespan. This automatic lubrication system is an electrically powered, programmable system that automatically dispenses a predetermined amount of lubricant to a specific lubrication point at set intervals.

One of the main advantages of this system is the ability to eliminate the need for manual lubrication, which can be time-consuming and can result in uneven distribution of lubricant. With automatic lubrication, the grinder is consistently lubricated which helps to extend its lifespan and reduce maintenance costs. Further, automatic lubrication reduces downtime and improves productivity.

Another advantage of the GCH Tool lubrication system is ideal for a wide range of industrial settings. It is also compatible with a variety of different lubricants, including oils, greases and other specialty lubricants.

Product characteristics:

  • Electrically powered, and delivers a controlled amount of lubricant to the grinder or other machinery, such as mills or lathes
  • System consists of a reservoir, a pump and a control unit that regulates the amount of lubricant and the frequency of dispensing
  • The GCH Tool automatic lubricator is programmable, allowing operators to set specific intervals for lubricant dispensing
  • System has a built-in monitor that alerts operators when the lubricant level is low or when there is a malfunction with the system
  • Cost-effective, budget-friendly solution for maintaining equipment and reducing maintenance costs


Contact GCH to learn how an automatic lubrication system can improve your centerless, ID, OD, double disc and surface grinding operations.