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Warner & Swasey Replacement Grinder Parts

Perhaps better known as a manufacturer of astronomical telescopes and turret lathes, Warner & Swasey did produce a number of grinders that are still in existence today.  Partners Worcester Warner and Ambrose Swasey met while working for Exeter Machine Tools in 1866.  After a later stint together at Pratt & Whitney, Warner and Swasey, who were now recognized machine tool experts, established their company in Cleveland in 1880. Warner & Swasey went on to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of machine tools.  At its peak, the company employed over 7,000 individuals.

New Spare Parts and Components for Warner & Swasey Grinders

Even the best grinder sometimes needs a little TLC. When your machine needs attention, look to GCH for all the new spare parts and components you need for your ailing Warner & Swasey cylindrical grinder. From dressers to work rests and from gear boxes to spindles,GCH Tool carries a large inventory of Warner & Swasey parts.

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Here are just a few reasons why GCH Tool is the best choice for Warner & Swasey parts and support for your grinder:

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We understand that you are pressed for time and need help to source all the unknowns at your plant. With years of experience in machine tools, specifically grinders, our team’s expertise will lessen the “unknowns” related to your grinding operations. 

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