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OD Grinding Wheel Dressers

OD grinding wheel dressers

GCH remanufactures grinding wheel dresser assemblies for OD grinders manufactured by Cincinnati Milacron, Landis, Norton, Warner & Swasey, Okuma, Toyoda, Studer, Kellenberger and Brown & Sharpe. All grinding wheel dressers, such as behind-the-wheel, table-mounted, hydrostatic, CNC and others, are remanufactured to new specifications and are backed with a new warranty.

  • Each dresser assembly is disassembled to the bare casting.
  • Surfaces are precision ground and hand-precision-scraped to original alignments and geometry.
  • All wearable parts (ballscrews, gibs, valves, etc.) are replaced with new parts.
  • After assembly, each dresser is tested on a specially designed test stands to simulate operation on the customer's grinding machine.

To eliminate costly downtime, GCH offers an exclusive Remanufacturing Exchange Program.

Aware of increasing demand for more complex part geometries, GCH offers an exclusive CNC dresser that provides highly accurate shapes for linear, straight, steps, taper and circular interpolation for concave, convex, shapes and arcs. GCH's two-axis CNC dresser, which can be added to any OD grinder, provides increased accuracy and repeatability from 0.0005mm/0.000020”.

Learn more about our quality assurance program, which ensures our customers get the best-quality remanufactured grinding wheel dresser assemblies for their OD grinders.

Contact GCH to speak with one of our experienced sales engineers.