GCH Tool Group: Centerless Grinder Expertise That Keeps Your Operations Running Smoothly

You don’t have to keep being a victim of subpar service that could harm your company’s operations. Although you have invested significantly in the most advanced grinder, you need to also get parts that will perform when the current ones break. GCH Tool Group can help you with this by providing you with high-quality and dependable grinder spare parts and repairs.

GCH Tool Group is a leading supplier of grinder spare parts that you can trust. We are particularly concerned with enhancing the functionality and dependability of your grinders through quality service and we offer a variety of grinder accessories that can be tailored to your needs.

Keep Your Centerless Grinding Machine Operating at Peak Efficiency

You can be sure that your centerless grinding machine operates at its peak efficiency thanks to the spare parts and components from GCH Tool Group.

We can remanufacture your components or supply you with brand-new replacement grinder components made to OEM standards or higher. As soon as a replacement part is placed, customers may restart production thanks to GCH’s unique eight-hour run-off test.

Specialization Across a Wide Range of Grinder Brands

GCH Tool Group specializes in the supply of a wide range of grinder brands. We offer the world’s biggest inventory of new parts, carrying over 10,000 new readily available parts and component assemblies for your centerless grinder for any of the brands listed below and others:

Cincinnati Milacron

You can get all the centerless grinder machine parts, grinder accessories and maintenance at GCH Tool Group to keep your Cincinnati Milacron grinder running smoothly 24 hours a day. We are the best supplier of brand-new spare parts for Cincinnati Milacron grinders and serve all Cincinnati grinders produced. GCH also provides upgrades that will turn your outdated Cincinnati grinder into a unit that can compete with anything on the market today.


The Landis brand is among the best high-precision grinding machines available worldwide. For the whole Landis line-up, including centerless and OD grinders, GCH Tool Group keeps a wide variety of new spare grinder parts and components in store.


At GCH Tool Group, our crew is highly knowledgeable about Koyo centerless grinder replacement parts and components. With our many years of experience, you can rest assured of quality.

Gold Crown

GCH Tool Groupassists manufacturing facilities in reducing downtime and increasing production by stocking a large inventory of replacement centerless grinder components and new spare parts for exchange or outright sale. You won’t be paying top dollar for your spare Gold Crown centerless grinder parts because you can access our inventory.

Van Norman

GCH Tool Group provides high-quality replacement of centerless grinder machine parts, repairs and maintenance services for your Van Norman centerless grinder. However, we know our clients need reliable guidance and professional centerless grinder advice. Because of this, our customer support staff consists of seasoned sales specialists from the manufacturing and grinding industries.

Remanufacturing Exchange Program

For all the brands listed above and others, our exclusive Remanufacturing Exchange Program eliminates downtime and added expense. Simply tell us what you need and GCH will ship a replacement unit to you. Install the replacement in your machine and then ship the damaged unit to GCH for credit.

Quality Spare Parts & Components for Centerless Grinders

GCH Tool Group has acknowledged the necessity to put quality measures above and beyond those of the OEM and the industry. As a result, GCH’s grinder components come with an industry-leading warranty.

Irrespective of your grinding machine needs, GCH Tool Group services all centerless grinder brands with quality centerless grinder parts and components to suit your business needs.

For many businesses, from large multinational enterprises with extensive automated grinder lines to microenterprises with just a few grinders, we are their preferred supplier of quality centerless grinding machine parts and components. With clients in more than 60 nations, we are a global provider of centerless grinder parts and components.

Step-by-Step Preventive Maintenance Schedule

GCH Tool Group provides preventive maintenance, which involves scheduling regular inspections of all significant machine parts. Preventive maintenance has maximized return on investment by decreasing downtime, preventing scrap and increasing productivity.

Additional advantages of preventive maintenance include the following:

  • Extend Your Centerless Grinding Machine Life: The increased asset lifespan may be preventive maintenance’s most significant advantage. Keeping your equipment in good shape may extend its lifespan and cut expenditures.
  • Reduce Emergency Repairs:You may greatly reduce the likelihood of your equipment breaking down through proactive maintenance and planning, providing you peace of mind.
  • Increase Machine Efficiency and Reliability:Equipment that receives regular preventative maintenance lasts longer and operates more effectively.

Contact GCH Tool Group Inc. for New Centerless Grinder Parts, Repair and Maintenance Service

Offering affordable prices, industry-leading service and same-day shipping on most of our products, we distinguish ourselves from the competition by our dedication to service and value. Our team can assist you over the phone in troubleshooting issues with your grinding machine as experts in the top centerless grinder manufacturers.

Our warehouse employees and grinder experts at GCH Tool Group have received extensive training to provide the components you need when needed. We are available to you via phone or email and can support your machines whether you produce in the U.S. or elsewhere. Contact us today your centerless grinder machine parts and grinder accessories.

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