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Enter any large metalworking facility and there’s a better-than-average chance that you’ll see Blanchard grinders in operation. A storied brand, Blanchard grinders are recognized as one of the most reliable, rugged and robust machine tools ever invented.  We will examine all aspects of Blanchard grinding, including where to buy grinder accessories. At GCH Tool Group, customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance, and we place a premium on providing relevant information to our consumers.

What Is Blanchard Grinding?

Blanchard grinding (Rotary Surface Grinding) is the procedure used to remove material from one side of a large-surfaced material accurately. It is a far more cost-effective and dependable method than precise grinding. As a result, Blanchard grinding is best suited for grinding big chunks of material and is generally not used for tolerances smaller than 0.001. Some metal workers love Blanchard grinding because it can leave a distinctive mark that some find aesthetically pleasing.

The Blanchard grinding method works with both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Although using Blanchard grinding for non-ferrous metals and plastics results in higher expenses and slower production rates, Blanchard grinding can still be used for these materials. Most metalworkers employ Blanchard grinding for ferrous metals.

  • Large castings and forgings
  • Non-ferrous materials
  • Large sections of plate stock
  • Burnouts
  • Large stampings
  • Molds and dies

Advantages of Using Blanchard Grinders

Many individuals like Blanchard grinders over other types of grinders due to their many advantages. It can assist in attaining precision, quality and tight tolerances. Below are other benefits of Blanchard grinders.

Removes Stock Efficiently

Blanchard grinding is the procedure that removes stock most quickly and effectively, resulting in a significant reduction in the expenses associated with related pre-machining as well as the amount of time it takes to complete the job. Blanchard grinding is unrivaled in its capacity to remove significant quantities of surface material relatively short while maintaining an exceptionally high degree of precision over a broad surface.

Cost-Effective Alternative

Blanchard grinders can achieve these goals because of their rapid rate of operation, which also helps to reduce costs and improves overall efficiency. The much higher horsepower of 200 hp utilized in the Blanchard grinding process results in a significantly lower overall cost compared to other methods.

Saves You Time

The Blanchard grinder is more efficient than other types due to its rapid rate of operation. Blanchard grinders can use their high horsepower speed when others are struggling.

Improves Efficiency

Blanchard grinding is a very effective technique for giving a workpiece of almost any material a perfectly flat surface.

Smoothly Transforms Parts to the Dimensions You Desire

Blanchard can accommodate material blocks as large as 12 feet wide or many smaller sections stacked together to fill the table. A Blanchard grinder’s high power and robust construction allow for the rapid processing of tough materials.

Provides Excellent Surface Finishing

Despite its rough appearance, a Blanchard ground finish is often relatively smooth. Because of its widespread use in manufacturing, the phrase “Blanchard grinding” now refers universally to the most effective technique for polishing flat surfaces on nearly any material.

Ideal for Large Parts

A fine-toothed comb can’t match the precision that some grinding techniques may achieve in a confined space. However, Blanchard grinding is unique in that it excels at removing substantial quantities of material from vast areas. Blanchard grinders come in a range of sizes, allowing you to reduce the size of bulky components to your specifications.

There are different kinds of Blanchard grinders designed to serve users’ needs differently. For instance, the Blanchard 72HD-120 Surface Grinder is built for the precision grinding of massive components to micron levels of distortion.

Applications of Blanchard Grinders

Below, we discuss some of the uses for Blanchard grinders.

Large Castings and Forgings

Forging is the process of applying heat and pressure to chunks of metal to change their shape while they are still in a solid state, as opposed to casting, which entails melting the metal first.

Large Sections of Plate Stock

In contrast to bar stock, plate stock can vary in width, depth, and height, making it an ideal choice for various applications. The natural state of plate stock is a flat, rectangular shape. So, the flatter pieces of plate material can be made by Blanchard grinding.

Large Stampings

Stamping is an industrial method to form metal into predetermined forms from flat metal sheets. This form can be made with Blanchard grinding methods.

Molds and Dies

Die cutters and molds serve the same purpose in the manufacturing industry. Sheet and other metal forms, including auto-body pieces, are shaped using dies.

Non-Ferrous Materials

There is a consensus that grinding non-ferrous materials is not a good idea. A metal is considered non-ferrous if its chemical composition contains no elements with significant amounts of iron. Aluminum, copper, lead, tin, titanium, zinc, and their alloys are all non-ferrous metals. Blanchard allows for the preforming of these non-ferrous materials.

Where to Find Blanchard Grinder Parts & Components

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