Add Free Centerless Grinding E-book to List of Training Tools

If you’ve been in the centerless grinding business a long time, you probably have a standard training process for new machinists. You’ve got basic company orientation, plus machine training and safety training.  GCH Tool would like to offer one more tool for your training arsenal – a free “Centerless Grinding for Pros” e-book, available for download right here on our site.

This 10-page booklet provides useful tips that any centerless grinding business and centerless grinder operator will find informative:

  1. 7 Principles of Successful Centerless Grinding
  2. The Optimal Schedule for Preventive Maintenance
  3. A Spare Parts Plan that Saves Time and Money    

The e-book, in its download-friendly, easy-to-read PDF format can be downloaded once and saved on your computers, for printing or re-use whenever you need to bring in a new person.

Additionally, the e-book offers useful tips that any centerless grinding operation can put in practice, especially the detailed preventive maintenance schedule and recommendations on what types of centerless grinder parts you should keep in inventory vs. ones you should wait to buy till you need them.

At GCH Tool, we view our customers as partners in centerless grinding, so we’re here to help you run your business more efficiently.

Download our free “Centerless Grinding for Pros” e-book today.

About Ellen Kominars

Ellen joined GCH Tool in 2013 as director of marketing. She is responsible for digital marketing, media relations, website development, event planning, advertising, communications and graphic design. A long-time resident of Mexico City, Ellen speaks Spanish fluently, and often assists with the many GCH customers located in Latin America. Ellen has worked in industrial marketing for over 20 years. She’s now added grinding components and grinders to the list of products she’s marketed, which includes induction furnaces, hand tools, magnetic separators and diesel-truck axles.