The Importance of Knowing Which Grinder Spare Parts to Have on Hand


The efficiency of a grinder is directly linked to the quality and condition of the parts that constitute them. However, even the most durable parts can experience wear and tear from regular use, leading to machine breakdowns and disruptions in operations.

Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of waiting until their grinder parts are completely broken before replacing them. While this might be an acceptable solution for locally sourced parts, it is not practical for critical components such as an actuator, which may take weeks to be manufactured and delivered. To avoid such issues, it is advisable to keep critical spare parts on hand, to ensure seamless operation and reduce downtime.

Having the main spare parts at your disposal can save you thousands of dollars, prevent delay in operation and save you from waiting for days for new parts to arrive. Grinding machines however, have many parts and it might be difficult to know which grinder spare parts to have on hand. This article will guide you on how to identify which parts to have on hand in order to reduce downtime and ensure smooth operation

Grinder Parts You MUST Have on Hand

Here’s how to know which grinder parts you should have on hand:

  1. Log all your machinery on a spreadsheet and prioritize them by their impact on product shipment.
  2. Decide which parts need to be purchased and whether you need them on hand. Categorize them into three parts.
  • A Parts:These parts can be purchased or delivered in less than an hour. They are parts you can easily find at a local store. Parts in this category don’t need to be on hand.
  • B Parts: These are grinder parts that your supplier readily has on their shelf. They can be delivered within 24 hours. Ask your supplier for a list of their parts and check if the items listed in this category can be shipped immediately.
  • C Parts: These are parts that your supplier does not stock. These parts are often specific to your machine or product. Parts in this category take a long time to build, usually weeks. Examples of parts in this category are your robot grippers or an actuator.

Knowing which parts you use and identifying the parts you must have on hand to avoid downtime is essential.

Benefits of Having Needed Spare Parts on Hand

Grinding machines are a crucial part in the manufacturing process, and this is why it is important to have spare parts readily available. Having spare parts on hand can provide the following benefits:

Helps in Minimizing Downtime

If you do not have spare parts readily available when the original one breaks down, the machine stops working, leading to a decrease in production or a total shut down for the day or weeks if the part is a “C” part. Having a spare on hand will prevent this from happening. You don’t want your clients canceling their orders and going to your competitors due to delays that could have been avoided by just having spare parts on hand to replace them.  

Reduces Maintenance Costs

Having spare parts on hand helps reduce maintenance cost because you can easily make repairs quickly and have your machine up and running almost immediately. An emergency repair will cost you a lot more than simply replacing a worn part. Abandoning your machine for a long time can even prevent other parts from working properly.

GCH Tool Is Your Go-To Choice for Spare Parts

It is important to ensure that you choose an experienced vendor for your grinder parts needs. An experienced company will have a deep understanding of your grinder machines and can advise you on the right parts to keep on hand.

GCH Tool Group is your go-to choice for your grinding machine spare parts. We have grinder parts and components from leading brands in stock and have a solution for all of your grinding needs. We also offer an exclusive remanufacturing exchange program to help you prevent downtime and keep your machine running at all times.

Our delivery is both quick and dependable because we are committed to seeing your machinery up and running at all times. Our experienced experts can often diagnose your machine’s problems over the phone or through email, saving you time and money.

Contact GCH Tool Group Today!

Having spare parts on hand is vital to ensure the smooth operation of machines and reduce downtime in the event of a failure, but it is more important to have the right spare parts so you can minimize repair costs and ensure that your machine operates at peak performance.

To keep your grinder in operation 24/7 and to see why GCH Tool Group is your go-to choice for grinder spare parts, contact us today. We also offer toolsupgrades and grinder components to improve your grinders’ productivity and minimize downtime. 

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