Training to Bring out the Best in Your Grinder Operation

A grinder won’t run itself. At the very least, you need a competent operator to set it up for each shift’s run. Actually, a good operator can do so much more than that, ensuring the machine is well-maintained and running at peak efficiency.

But competent grinder operators don’t grow on trees. The best way to ensure your grinder operation is up to snuff is to invest in a high-quality training program from a respected source.

Covering the Basics

Good training should be tailored specifically for your operation and cover issues like:

  • Basic grinder principles
  • Machine set-up
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Safety precautions

Maintenance and safety shouldn’t be overlooked – regular maintenance helps eliminate unnecessary downtime, and worker safety should be a top priority for every shop.

Grinder-specific details, such as throughfeed grinding, infeed grinding and endfeed grinding for centerless grinders, are also important components of a good program, as is detailed training on the CNC controls used for each machine.

Troubleshooting and problem-solving are other key areas that grinder operator training should include. This can help overcome challenges like:

  • Eliminating chatter
  • Achieving the desired finish
  • Increasing throughput

Taking it to the Shop Floor

While classroom training is critical, theory can only take you so far. Good programs include a hands-on component, giving participants real-world experience with the elements covered in the classroom. Speaking of experience, the best training programs are helmed by instructors with manufacturing expertise who can share real-life examples of the best ways to overcome obstacles.

The end result of good grinder operator training is an employee confident in his ability to run your machines to meet your production demands. That confidence is more than just a badge of honor for the operator. It helps ensure the longevity of your machines and the quality of your parts. A lack of proper training can lead to increased downtime and bad parts.

GCH Tool has offered operator training for a wide range of grinders, including centerless, ID, OD and double disc machines, for more than 20 years. We understand the ins and outs of grinders, and our skilled technicians have the real-world expertise that makes training worthwhile.

Contact us today for the grinder operator training that can make a difference in your operation.

About Ellen Kominars

Ellen joined GCH Tool in 2013 as director of marketing. She is responsible for digital marketing, media relations, website development, event planning, advertising, communications and graphic design. A long-time resident of Mexico City, Ellen speaks Spanish fluently, and often assists with the many GCH customers located in Latin America. Ellen has worked in industrial marketing for over 20 years. She’s now added grinding components and grinders to the list of products she’s marketed, which includes induction furnaces, hand tools, magnetic separators and diesel-truck axles.