GCH Remanufacturing Process Ensures Long-Lasting Spindles

Our spindle repair and rebuild services include a coating process that further extends spindle life.

Our unique new spray system melts Rokide® chrome oxide rods in a patented spray unit. It will only project the particles onto the spindle when the rods are fully melted. The particles’ high kinetic energy and thermal mass keep them molten until they reach the substrate.

As part of a GCH Tool spindle repair or rebuild, this system creates a coating with much higher particle-to-particle bonding than the old powder system still used by our competitors. The old system provides powder particles with less dwell time in its high-temperature gas stream, preventing 13% to 14% of the particles from melting completely and causing the coating to flake.


The new chrome oxide system’s deposit efficiency is unaffected by the coating thickness. Consequently, there’s no reduction in deposit efficiency or quality when coatings greater than 0.030” (.8mm) are required. In fact, chrome oxide coatings can be deposited to a thickness of 0.125” (3.175mm), which is critical for bearing journals.

Other benefits of the ceramic coating produced with the Rokide® system include:

  • Higher wear resistance
  • Better thermal shock resistance
  • Improved electrical insulation

Due to the coating’s superior hardness, a diamond grinding wheel must be used when grinding bearing journals to size. 

The new coating system is an important addition to our detail-oriented approach to spindle repair and rebuilding, which begins with a careful inspection and teardown of the spindle and ends with a minimum of eight hours of quality testing. Every step of our process is designed to ensure the remanufactured spindle meets customer requirements, returning the spindle to better-than-new condition.

GCH Tool has your spindle repairing and rebuilding needs covered. Contact us today to learn more.

About Ellen Kominars

Ellen joined GCH Tool in 2013 as director of marketing. She is responsible for digital marketing, media relations, website development, event planning, advertising, communications and graphic design. A long-time resident of Mexico City, Ellen speaks Spanish fluently, and often assists with the many GCH customers located in Latin America. Ellen has worked in industrial marketing for over 20 years. She’s now added grinding components and grinders to the list of products she’s marketed, which includes induction furnaces, hand tools, magnetic separators and diesel-truck axles.