A CNC Controls Retrofit Puts Your Grinding Operations at the Forefront

CNC Controls & Centerless Grinder

We’ve written previously about the direct benefits of updating to modern CNC controls, but there are also larger issues that make a retrofit a good idea.

Upgraded CNC controls allow your shop to take advantage of four major manufacturing trends:

  • Intuitive HMI (human machine interface)
  • Optimization
  • Automation
  • Digitalization

Intuitive HMI

Modern CNC controls provide intuitive HMI, allowing operators to quickly and easily program and manage each job. Up-to-date HMI accelerates operations and amplifies performance across the boards. It also allows emerging career-minded operators to move from basic to advanced grinding, using the same CNC interface.


CNC control retrofit offers the opportunity to maximize your resources, integrating and accelerating operations. It also places increasingly greater productivity at the fingertips of grinder operators.


Automation is playing a larger role in grinding operations across the world, and CNC controls are an important part of that growth. Shops look at automation as a way to allow operators to staff multiple grinders at one time. It also boosts productivity, producing more parts, reducing scrap and decreasing downtime. Automation can eliminate costs by reducing variations in production processes, including variations in setup time and machine utilization.


Modern CNC controls also allow shops to take advantage of the benefits of digitalization. These technologies accelerate the use of information and the Industrial Internet of Things to improve the performance of machines, people and processes in new and powerful ways.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 isn’t just a buzzword. It’s happening now, because:

  • A variety of transformational digital technologies are maturing
  • Manufacturing leaders realize that the integration of these technologies will bring significant competitive advantages

These advantages include unprecedented efficiencies, major cost reductions and increased revenues that would not be possible otherwise.

A CNC control retrofit is one step in the process toward bringing shops into the modern age of manufacturing.

GCH Tool understands the needs of today’s grinding operations and the challenges they’ll face in the future. Contact us today to take advantage of our CNC control knowledge and expertise.

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