CNC Controls & Your Centerless Grinder

CNC Controls & Centerless Grinder

Upgraded CNC Controls Can Improve Your Centerless Grinder Performance

A mainstay of the machining world, centerless grinders provide important advantages unavailable through machining alone.

Centerless grinders can correct pieces that are left out of round from a turning machine and can address other issues related to dimension, materials and surface finish. They’re also well-suited for a wide range of grinding applications, especially high-volume applications that require high levels of precision such as those in the medical, aerospace, military and automotive industries.

Significant Benefits

One way to make centerless grinders even better is to upgrade them with CNC controls. New controls can provide numerous benefits for your grinding operation, such as the potential for improved accuracy and throughput – all at a significantly lower cost than a new machine. Other benefits include the ability to:

  • Achieve tighter tolerances
  • Produce more consistent parts
  • Attain better part finishes

Depending on the type of centerless grinder, other advantages are possible, as well. For instance, a centerless grinder with older CNC controls will benefit from increased performance with new CNC controls. The controls retrofit can also improve a grinder’s ability to put modern technology elsewhere on the machine to good use. One example is the high level of precise control over the motion of servo motors that the new CNC controls can provide.

Manual centerless grinders can benefit as well. As an example, adding CNC controls to a manual grinder will allow you to forego cams on complex parts that have intricate diameter, radius and angle demands. On a manual machine, parts like that would require cams designed with the profile or part of a profile for the dresser to follow. But CNC capabilities allow the operator to program the profiles directly, increasing accuracy and simplifying the process.

Amplify Your Success

Other centerless grinder upgrades can expand on the benefits of new CNC controls. These improvements can include:

No matter what centerless grinder brand you own — CincinnatiLandisBryantGold Crown or other — GCH Tool offers the new CNC controls and other upgrades you need to get the most out of your grinding operation. Contact us today to learn more.

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