Get More from Your Blanchard Grinder with New CNC Controls

Blanchard Grinder with New CNC Controls

The Blanchard surface grinder is much beloved for its durability, reliability and straightforward operation.

This rotary-type surface grinder uses a magnetic chuck to hold a part securely while a grinding wheel processes the part from above. Blanchard grinders can accommodate parts as large as 24” to 90”, much larger than other surface grinders can handle.

Identified by its distinctive cross-hatch patterning, Blanchard grinding is a highly efficient method of creating an extremely flat surface, regardless of material.

Although Blanchards are the workhorses of the grinding industry, there is one potential area for improvement: the addition of CNC controls from GCH Tool. Since a Blanchard grinder is traditionally operated manually, new CNC controls can offer significant advantages.

Significant Benefits & Cost Savings

For less than 30% of the cost of a new machine, adding CNC controls to a Blanchard can provide:

  • Tighter tolerances
  • More consistent parts
  • Better part finishes

New CNC controls also offer:

  • More control over the thickness of the material being ground
  • Faster part processing time
  • Less scrap

A side benefit is ease of use, an important consideration as the highly trained operators of previous generations retire and are replaced by less skilled staff. On the upside, today’s operators are more acclimated with screens, making the CNC control interface more intuitive for their use.

CNC controls coupled with servo motors handle the movement of both axes on a Blanchard grinder, eliminating the need for maintaining the old-style gear boxes. Aside from the servo update, we also upgrade the grinder’s Acme screws to ball screws, which provide increased part accuracy and improved productivity.

Custom Solutions

New CNC controls from GCH Tool for any Blanchard grinder are not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Rather, our grinder experts speak with each customer to understand their needs and develop a solution that fits their specific operation.

All CNC controls come pre-programmed based on customer input. The set systems allow operators to work within certain parameters, reducing the possibility for errors.

Most of our CNC controls are Siemens, Fanuc or Allen-Bradley units, although we can review and incorporate other controls, depending on each customer’s requirements.

Your Blanchard Expert

New CNC controls are just one example of the wide range of Blanchard grinder parts we offer. GCH Tool is the grinder expert, and we know Blanchards better than anyone. We understand your needs and can make suggestions to further increase accuracy and productivity to meet your requirements.

Contact us today for the CNC controls or replacement parts you need for your Blanchard grinder.

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