Extending Your Spindle’s Life: Maintenance, Operator Tips and Spindle Repair

Gardner double disc spindle

Spindle maintenance is vital to keeping your grinding machines running at their peaks. Even just a few routine checkups and performing general spindle maintenance can increase the longevity of your machines, reduce downtime, and otherwise save you time, money,

 and headaches.

Your machines are constantly moving, producing heat, friction, exhaust, etc. If even one of your grinder components is not operating as it should, it can lead to your machine wearing down far ahead of its time. That will cost you not only in terms of repairs, but also in terms of lost productivity due to downtime.

That said, let’s take a look at some key aspects of spindle maintenance, including spindle repairs and spindle rebuilds.

Tips for Operators to Improve Spindle Longevity

By understanding how to keep your spindle healthy and in good working order, you can make sure your machines are producing much higher ROIs. Here are some tips:

Be Mindful of Spindle Balance

Ensuring that all your spindle is balanced is a great first step to spindle maintenance. With a balancer assembly, you can ensure that the spindle is correctly balanced. Keeping your spindle balanced will often pay for itself very quickly, in addition to keeping your spindle up and running for longer.

Check Lubrication

While it may seem like a no-brainer, you’d be surprised how many operators overlook lubrication. Keep your machines well lubricated and check often to ensure that your spindle isn’t worn out well before its time.

Check for Odd Noises

While not the most technically advanced, you can use the old-fashioned ear test to determine if your machine and spindle are running as they should. If you hear any unusual noises, it’s definitely time for an inspection. Remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and can save you a lot in repair costs.

Make Needed Repairs Early

If you leave your repairs off for too long, then a small problem can quickly develop into a much larger issue to fix. That can mean more costly repair services, extended downtime, or both. You’re much better off getting to those repairs as soon as they appear needed, as this will save you time and money down the line.

With normal use, spindles can last quite a long time, often 10 to 15 years or much longer. But it’s largely dependent on how the spindle is used and that it’s not overloaded and pushed in an application it was not meant for. It should also not run at speeds too fastand should be kept clean from contaminations

. Regular maintenance of the machine will make sure your spindles last longer.

Identifying Spindle Problems

So how do you know when it’s time for a spindle repair or a full-on spindle rebuild?

Spindle repair or rebuilding entails a multi-step process that includes inspecting the part, identifying the root cause of the failure, repairing damaged components, balancing, assembly and final testing.

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Spindle Repair Services at GCH Tool Group Inc.

GCH Tool Group has over 50 years of experience providing grinder partsgrinder accessories and machine tool component repair and rebuilding services for all major industries including aerospace, automotive, bearing, medical and others.

Our spindle repairing process begins with an evaluation and tear down of the spindle, disassembling and logging each part.

Then we chemically clean and geometrically inspect each component, checking for any flaws down to half a micron (.0000019 inch) in size. Encoder testing is done for feedback accuracy.

Next is machining and dynamic balancing to stringent tolerances on ultra-precision balancing machines by our expert staff.

All housing bores, shaft journals, shoulders and faces are restored to better than OEM tolerances.  All parts are 100% inspected, after restoration, in our metrology laboratory before assembly.

After final assembly in our isolated precision spindle room, each spindle runs for a minimum of eight hours on specially designed test stands to assure that quality tests are performed at various temperatures and speeds.

Everything is done to ensure the verified dimensions and performance characteristics that you need, and every remanufactured spindle meets or exceeds new OEM specifications. Each rebuilt spindle comes with a detailed test report and balance analysis.

Our team of experts is ready to help you get your production line back up and running. We offer a free consultation to help you determine the best course of action for your specific needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our spindle repair and rebuild services.

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