The Importance of Grinding Wheel Guards in Grinding Operations

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Grinding wheel guards are critical to the maintenance, proper functioning, and longevity of your grinding machines. These grinding wheel guards will catch broken wheel fragments, which in turn reduces the potential for damage to your grinding machines.

This is considered a must-have grinder accessory/grinder upgrade, as it will help you get way more use out of your grinding machine and reduce expensive downtime.

The Role of Grinding Wheel Guards in Making Grinding Operations Safer

Many businesses are breaking as many as one grinding wheel per week. This leads to unnecessary expenses from downtime and paying for replacements. But with a grinding wheel guard in place, you can cut down substantially on the risk of these breaks.

When the right grinding wheel guard is paired with the right sized grinding wheel, you’ll get more out of your grinding wheels.

Below are some problems to watch out for with wheel guards.

Damaged Wheel Guards

Not only is using a damaged wheel guard ineffective, but it can also be unsafe to the operator or bystanders. If you see any cracks, bends, deformities, or other noticeable physical irregularities, stop using your grinding machine and replace the wheel guard.

Missing Wheel Guard Fasteners

Similar to the above, a missing wheel guard fastener is critical. If that grinder part is missing, then it also poses a safety threat. A missing fastener may allow the wheel to move during wheel breakage, which can be very dangerous. Make sure the fastener is present and attached correctly.

Wrong Guard and Grinding Wheel Combinations

Different grinding machines require different wheel guards. Make sure yours is properly sized and fitted to your grinding machine, otherwise it will prove ineffective and maybe even dangerous.

Altered Wheel Guards

If your guard is altered or cut back, that could pose a risk to the operator. If you reduce the size of, say, type 27 or 28 guards, which are designed to cover the wheel and plane of rotation between the machine and operator for at least 180 degrees, to a 90-degree coverage, that is virtually as bad as having no guard at all. In other words, don’t alter your wheel guards to fit improperly matched grinding machines.

Use Hood Lifters

Hood lifters allow easy access to areas located under heavy grinder hoods. Instead of exposing grinder operators to a potentially dangerous procedure, a custom-designed wheel hood lifter offers users a safe, secure means of protecting personnel from possible injury. The operator simply raises the hood with a hand crank and the hood is locked. The hood cannot be moved until the operator unlocks the hood and lowers it.

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