Spindle Repair You Can Trust

Even though they’re a grinder’s heart and soul, spindles seem to fall in the “set it and forget it” category. Their long lifespan – often 10+ years – mean they frequently are out of mind.

Eventually, every spindle will begin to fail, either stopping outright or, more likely, no longer holding the specified tolerances. Decreased part quality, increased scrap parts and vibrations that can be seen or heard are all telltale signs that a spindle is no longer performing as expected.


When the time to repair your spindle finally arrives, you’ll want to find a vendor that can expertly and quickly put your spindle back in working order. But how to know you’ve found a repair shop you can trust? Here are some key factors to look for.

Transparency – A reliable vendor will provide thorough documentation, outlining the issues that caused the wear and all the steps of the repair process.

Timeliness – A good spindle repair can’t be completed in 24 hours. Sometimes it takes that long for spindle components to achieve the appropriate temperature for inspection. Even an expedited repair will take several days to perform. Don’t let time constraints force you into choosing a vendor that cuts corners to meet artificial deadlines.

Testing and Measurement – Once the repair is complete, the vendor should test the spindle and measure all spindle performance characteristics.

No Shortcuts

There are as many as 300 different components and assembly characteristics that affect a typical spindle’s longevity and performance. Even though downtime means lost money, you want a repair shop that addresses all of these. Overlooking key components and characteristics will only result in shortened spindle life and more downtime.

And there’s no substitution for thorough documentation. At GCH Tool, we document everything from start to finish and provide possible solutions for your spindle wear issues. Our documentation also includes the results of our eight hours of post-repair testing. If issues occur during testing, we go back and address them and then start a new eight hours of testing. And document every step along the way.

Another benefit of working with GCH Tool is our exclusive Remanufacturing Exchange Program. Through this program, you can order a replacement spindle when signs of wear first appear rather than waiting till the spindle fails. With the replacement spindle in place, you then send us your spindle for repair. You get all the advantages of our spindle repair expertise without the wait. (Read more about spindle repair and GCH Tool’s approach.)

You can trust GCH Tool with your most difficult spindle repair issues. Contact us today for assistance.

About Ellen Kominars

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