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Eight-Hour Testing Before Shipping

By implementing the latest in technology and scientific research, GCH’s team of degreed engineers has designed specialized test stands for its grinder parts that simulate actual operating conditions of a grinding machine. GCH’s exclusive eight-hour run-off test means customers can resume production as soon as a replacement grinder component is installed. No more lost production due to a “break-in” period.

To ensure that your grinder components meet the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship, these components and others undergo obligatory eight-hour testing:

Should any component present an issue, such as vibration, hydraulic pressure, deflection or end thrust, we’ll address it and then start the eight-hour test cycle over again.

When you receive a GCH remanufactured component, you can rest assured that it’s had the best inspection, repair and testing available, all backed by a two-year warranty.  At GCH Tool Group, we don’t offer run-of-the mill remanufacturing and repair services. We offer a systematic approach to ensure you get the greatest value possible.

Aware of our customers’ ever-increasing quality standards, GCH has begun to upgrade its current fleet of test stands to include the latest technology it has to offer in hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical controls.

Contact GCH for expert assistance with your grinder part remanufacturing projects.