What You Need to Know About Centerless Grinder Components

The pencil sharpener is about as far as I have ever got in operating a complicated piece of machinery with any success. -- Robert Benchley (1889 - 1945)

We agree that a centerless grinder is certainly more complicated to operate than a pencil sharpener. That doesn’t mean that centerless grinding can’t be done successfully and reliably.  In fact, the average centerless grinder user has few difficulties at all.  Let’s start our journey down the centerless grinder highway by going through the main components that comprise a centerless grinding machine.  For the expert user, this will be a review and an opportunity to confirm that you’re as smart as you think you are.  For the novice centerless user, this will be a blog that you’ll want to keep on hand. 

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6 Reasons to Do Business With GCH Tool

Your centerless grinder has a stubborn cough and you need to replace one of its sickly components right away.  With your boss breathing down your neck and production halted, you barely have time to call your grinder supplier for help, let alone be passed from one customer service rep to another like a pizza at a slumber party.  You have even less time to deal with a customer rep who doesn’t know a grinding wheel dresser from a twin-grip spindle.

Repeating your machine problem over and over and dealing with unknowledgeable representatives are among the many situations deemed unacceptable in a recent customer service survey conducted by the Northridge Group.  While the survey didn’t focus solely or even partially on grinders or machine tools, good customer service is good customer service, whatever the industry.  Here are six reasons why you’ll be wowed by GCH Tool Group's excellent customer service.

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Grinder Brand Expertise Sets GCH Tool Apart

A high level of expertise can be found in every facet of GCH Tool’s operations … customer service, part manufacturing and remanufacturing, research and development, and installation. Our staff knows the ins and outs of grinders and grinder spare parts, whether you’re talking about centerless grinders, double disc grinders, ID grinders, OD grindersor surface grinders.

But one facet that isn’t often highlighted is our expertise in the different brands of grinders. Not only do we know grinders inside and out, we know specific grinder brands, such as Blanchard, Bryant, Cincinnati, Gardner, Heald and Landis, like no other.

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5 Tips to Enforce World-Class Lockout/Tagout Safety Procedures for Your Grinding Machine

Federal OSHA lockout regulations prevent unauthorized operation of a grinding machine when in an “unsafe” condition, such as during service or maintenance when the true state of the machine may be unknown.  Federal regulations further require a machine technician to lockout all points of hazardous energy, such as the electrical system, the hydraulic system, the pneumatic system or any other danger-prone machine attribute, should the technician step away from the machine. Additionally, the technician is the only person who may remove the lock.

GCH Global Service honors any lockouts that have been applied to machinery.  Our service technicians, located worldwide, apply lockouts of their own, per OSHA or local practices, whenever a hazardous condition might be present.  The locks are not removed until service is fully completed and the machine has been checked for safety.  If your machine requires service or if you need technical advice, contact GCH Global Service.

This month’s blog is provided by guest author Lindsey Walker, marketing manager for NEXGEN Asset Management in Sacramento, CA.

Employers invest a lot of time, effort and resources in developing and implementing efficient and effective workplace safety programs. Despite their efforts, every year workers suffer serious injuries and lose their lives in accidents. Below are the five best lockout/tagout practices that every employer should adopt to improve worker safety, maintain uptime and boost productivity.

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Too Many Gears? GCH Offers Gear-Free Servo Drive Transmission

New Grinder Upgrade Can Increase Roundness By 30%

As the expert source for support and advice on centerless grinding equipment and grinding applications, it’s no wonder that GCH Tool sought to offer customers a replacement for old, unreliable mechanical gear transmissions, traditionally regarded as the weakest link in a centerless grinder.  Ever-increasing tolerances further demanded that GCH Tool develop a solution for its clients who could no longer depend upon this important-but-temperamental component to function properly. 

The Solution:  A Servo Drive Transmission

GCH Tool Group’s patented servo drive transmission is a cost-effective, noiseless and virtually maintenance-free transmission designed for installation in older centerless grinders.  Engineered to fit Cincinnati 200, 300 and 400 grinders without any machine modifications, conversion can be completed by in-house maintenance personnel or GCH Tool technicians.  The transmission provides the operator precise control of the regulating wheel -- a critical element to efficient and fast setup and consistent part production.

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Grinder Spindle Repair Saves Time and Money

With a lifespan of up to 10 years or more, spindles are frequently out of mind, if not out of sight, in most shops.

And it’s not until those telltale signs of serious wear – an increase in scrap parts, a decrease in part quality, vibrations that can be seen or heard – appear that grinder spindles suddenly become top of mind.

At that point, the question becomes “Do I buy a new spindle or repair the one I have?”

The answer 99% of the time will be: repair the spindle.

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The Six Fundamentals of Centerless Grinding

Centerless grinders are everywhere these days. You can find them in shops that specialize in centerless grinding, outfits that combine centerless grinding and machining and even factories that incorporate a centerless grinder into a broader manufacturing process.

It can seem like everyone has at least one, but how many shop owners and machine operators really understand their centerless grinders? Here are six fundamentals to help you educate yourself, your employees and coworkers about these incredibly useful machines:

Precisely Simple, Simply Precise

The design of centerless grinders is relatively simple: a stationary wheel and a rotating wheel hold the workpiece in place on a stationary work rest throughout the grinding process.

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Make Your Work Blades Work for You

When it comes to centerless grinders, work blades can often be taken for granted. Spindle assemblies, accessories like filtration units or upgrades like servo infeed systems get a lot of attention, while the work blade is expected to just keep on working, grinding parts to the right size and shape.

But the proper selection of work blades, combined with appropriate use and care, will make sure these indispensable components function at optimal performance over the long haul.

There are three key factors in selecting the right blade:

·        Grinder model number

·        Diameter of the part being ground

·        The material the part is made of

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Let It Grind

Sung to the tune of “Let It Snow”

Oh, our downtime before was frightful
And those scrapped parts were never delightful
But GCH is such a great find  
Let it grind! Let it grind! Let it grind!

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Meet Your GCH Tool Group Centerless Grinder Customer Service Team

At GCH Tool Group, we understand our clients’ needs for reassurance, guidance and expert centerless grinder advice. That’s why our customer service team is made up of experienced sales professionals who come from the centerless grinder and manufacturing world. With a combined total of 90+ years of experience in industrial operations, our team knows what they’re doing.

We are a shoulder to lean on or a brain to pick, and we’re all ears when we’re on the phone with you.  So whether you have a bad spindle in Mexico, a leaking transmission in the Midwest or a squeaky dresser in China, we are here for you by phone or e-mail.

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What Does Manufacturing Mean to You?

GCH Tool Group is proud to commemorate National Manufacturing Day, a nationwide celebration meant to inspire the next generation of modern manufacturers.  In honor of this momentous occasion, we asked key members of the GCH Tool team to tell us what manufacturing means to them.  We hope their answers will inspire you to seek your fortune in manufacturing. 

Dan Geddes, President
“Manufacturing is rewarding, yet challenging.  Taking a customer’s concept and turning it into reality still fascinates me.  Manufacturing is definitely a team effort.  When a customer arrives at our facility, we’ll meet with our entire technical team: engineering, design, software and manufacturing experts.  We examine the project from everyone’s viewpoint to ensure that the final product maximizes the grinding machine’s efficiency, speed and safety. Even after 25 years in manufacturing, I still enjoy seeing a blueprint turn into an actual component, upgrade or grinding machine.” 

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Top 7 Reasons to Visit GCH Tool Group at the IMTS

Our bags are packed and we’re ready to go. 

Whether you’re eager to witness a demonstration of our exclusive two-axis CNC dresser or talk about your most puzzling grinding challenge, we would love to discuss our complete array of grinder solutions including replacement components, upgrades (cutting edge!), grinder spindles and tooling.  There are many reasons to stop by GCH Tool Group’s booth (N-7467) at the IMTS at McCormick Place in Chicago, from September 12 – September 17.  Here are seven of the most compelling:

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Our Ten Favorite Centerless Grinding Components

It is no secret that we love centerless grinder components. So this month, we thought we’d put together a short video that presents ten of our favorite centerless grinder components.  It wasn’t easy to narrow down our selection to just ten of these grinding assembly wonders.  Watch and enjoy, and let us know which of your grinder components are your favorites.  Contact us any time you need help with your grinder.

Our Ten Favorite Centerless Grinding Components from GCH Tool Group on Vimeo.

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The ABCs of Grinder Components, Part Two

Like any experienced manufacturing professional at a busy plant, your goal is to keep your grinders up and running. With downtime costing anywhere from $250 to $1,000 an hour, keeping production running is critical to profitability.  That’s why we’re offering an additional 13 tips on ways to maintain your grinders in A-1 shape.  Last month we took a look at the ABCs (A – M) of grinder components and spare parts.  This month, we’ll save you time and money with the rest of the alphabet. Enjoy!


Service and support go together.  You’d be well-advised to learn whether your centerless grinder part provider also maintains a network of experienced service technicians.  If the answer is yes, make sure the supplier’s service department can support your centerless grinding machines wherever they are located.  Bear in mind that today’s production sites can shift, so a partner with a global support network is recommended.

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The ABCs of Grinder Components, Part One

The school year is nearly over. As our minds wander to the joys of summer vacation, let’s review what we’ve learned since this blog was launched 11 months ago.  From grinder types to spare parts inventory, from selecting a vendor to hand scraping parts, we’ve enjoyed sharing our expertise with you.  As the GCH Tool Group blog prepares to celebrate its first anniversary, let’s take a look at the ABCs of grinder components and spare parts.  Here are some guidelines that will save you time and money:


Make sure that your tooling is properly aligned on your centerless grinder. Misaligned tooling leads to bad parts that make their way to the scrap heap and add cost to your manufacturing process.


Always start with the basics. If you’re not familiar with the 14 main components of your centerless grinder, read 14 Centerless Grinder Components You Need to Know, and go from grinder amateur to grinder professional in record speed. 

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How Often Should I Invest in Grinder Spindle Repair/Rebuild?

This month’s blog was written by Louise Petty, an online course author for High Speed Training, a UK-based eLearning company that offer a variety of health and safety training courses.

If your work involves the use of abrasive wheels then you’ll know how important it is to follow safe working practices at all times. A large part of this responsibility includes ensuring that your grinding wheels are kept well-maintained and in good repair so that they continue to remain safe to operate. If your wheel becomes worn down then it’s important that the disc is replaced with a new one – but how often should you repair or replace the grinder spindle that the wheel is mounted on?

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Play Ball – and Know what to Look for in Your Next Grinder Parts Vendor

When you’re evaluating suppliers for your grinder parts, take a tip from professional sports organizations and look at each company’s bench strength – it’s something you want from your favorite basketball, football and baseball team, and something that you want in your grinder parts and spindles provider.

Just like a sports team’s bench strength, corporate bench strength indicates the ability to go the distance and provide the services and products you need, now and in the future.

Unlike sports teams, a company can’t measure its strength in stats like RBIs, shooting percentages or pass completions. But there are some important factors that you can look for to help gauge a potential vendor’s bench strength.

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7 Beatles Songs That Focus on Centerless Grinding Wheels

The GCH Tool Group team pledges to be your 24/7 grinder consultants and Beatles fans. We’re all about education and advancing customer knowledge. That’s why today we’re unselfishly focusing on grinding wheels, one of the few grinder-related products not included in GCH’s multimillion-dollar inventory of new spare parts and components for centerless, ID, OD, double disc and surface grinders. To help you keep the following tips front and center, we’ve based each one on the title of a popular Beatles tune.

Need assistance with your centerless grinder?  Contact us.  Meanwhile, learn and enjoy!

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Spotlight on 8 Grinder Types You Need to Know

Identify the Right Industrial Grinder for your
Metalworking Application
from GCH Tool

Whether you’ve got an “ax to grind” or something else, grinders are among the world’s most popular machine tools.  Surely you’ve seen many, many grinders in operation throughout your metal working career, but have you ever wondered about the differences among the most popular types?  The proper grinder is essential for any application you have in mind. Here’s a quick look at eight of our favorite industrial grinders.  

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Keep It [Your Grinder Coolant] Clean, Folks

Grinding produces a lot of swarf, which is then circulated through your grinding machine via machine coolant.  Keeping your coolant free of swarf and other contaminants is an important task. Dirty or contaminated coolant can cause a number of problems including: 

1.  Scrap

Dirty coolant will mar the surface finish of your parts, condemning them to the scrap heap and adding cost to your manufacturing process.

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