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Double Disc Grinding Wheelhead Assembly (Spindles)

With GCH Tool Group’s exclusive Remanufacturing Exchange Program, a bad double disc grinding wheel assembly will no longer shut down production.  Simply tell us what component you need and GCH will ship a replacement unit to you.  Install the replacement in your machine and then ship the damaged unit to GCH for credit. 

Grinding Wheelhead Assembly For Double Disc Grinders
Double Disc Grinding Wheelhead Assembly

We Offer Grinding Wheel Assemblies on Exchange

GCH offers the convenience of grinding wheel assemblies on exchange for Gardner, Besly, and Giustina double disc grinders, as well as other reputable brands, allowing you to keep your production running smoothly without the hassle of downtime for wheel dressing or the need to purchase new equipment.

GCH Tool Group Follows Stringent Remanufacturing Standards

  • All parts are replaced with 100% new parts.
  • The shaft is remanufactured to within .0001” TIR on the journals, shoulders and face.
  • Housing bores are brought back to better than OEM specifications.
  • All units are tested for eight hours straight on specially designed test stands.

All GCH remanufactured grinding wheelhead assemblies carry a two-year warranty and are shipped with a copy of the inspection/test report.

Learn more about our quality assurance program, which ensures our customers get the best-quality remanufactured double disc grinding wheelhead assemblies.

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