Spindle Repair and Rebuild Services

spindle repair services

GCH has over three decades of experience providing spindle repair and rebuild services for the machine tool, aerospace, automotive and bearing industries. Every remanufactured spindle meets or exceeds new OEM specifications and is dynamically balanced to stringent tolerances on ultra-precision balancing machines.

After final assembly in our isolated precision spindle room, each spindle runs for a minimum of eight hours on specially designed test stands to assure that quality tests are performed at various temperatures and speeds.

To eliminate costly downtime, we offer spindles and spindle assemblies through our exclusive Remanufacturing Exchange Program. Spindles and assemblies can also be purchased outright, should a spare be required for immediate in-house repair or development of a new application.

Let GCH provide you with repair or rebuild services for a variety of spindles:

  • Roller bearing spindles
  • Filmatic spindles
  • Hydrostatic spindles
  • Belt drive spindles
  • Motorized spindles
  • High frequency spindles
  • Integral spindles
  • Sleeve spindles
  • Twin grip spindles
  • Cantilever spindles
  • Hydrodynamic spindles
  • CNC spindles

Contact GCH to speak with an experienced sales engineer for quick, knowledgeable service about our spindle repair and rebuild services.