Gardner Double Disc Grinder Replacement Parts

Gardner double disc grinder

GCH Tool Group is the world’s largest stocking supplier of new parts and components for all Gardner double disc grinders. 

As well as housing a huge variety of standard OEM parts and components, GCH has, over the years, made a number of improvements to original component designs to provide improved part finish and cycle time. Just a few of the components that have benefited from GCH’s enhancements include servo infeeds, rotary dressers, automation modules, swivel adjustment assemblies and control upgrades.  GCH supports all Gardner grinder configurations (rotary, infeed, and thru-feed).

GCH offers grinder parts and components for your Gardner double disc grinder on an exchange basis via our exclusive Remanufacturing Exchange Program. Designed to eliminate downtime, you no longer need to wait for your parts to be repaired. If your machine breaks down, call us and we will ship the needed parts on the same day.

GCH is also proud to offer onsite machine service delivered by our experienced staff of engineers and mechanical technicians located worldwide. 

Contact GCH to speak with one of our experienced sales engineers.