Work Blades and Guides for Centerless Grinders

centerless grinder blades and guides

GCH supplies standard or custom-built work blades and guides for your centerless grinder. Whether you're throughfeed grinding or infeed grinding, GCH has hundreds of work blades in stock for immediate delivery.

GCH can also provide quick repair of your worn or damaged grinder blades, including carbide re-grinding, re-tipping or replacement. Our turn-around is 7 to 10 days for re-grinding and 15 to 20 days for re-tipping.

Despite the quick turn-around time, we always take time to inspect your blade and make sure you’re getting the right service to help keep your centerless grinder at peak operation. If a different repair is required, we’ll let you know and provide a clear explanation of the necessary work.

Since partial repairs create a lip that can keep your centerless grinder from producing consistent parts, we always re-work the entire blade length, creating a smooth finish that will turn out the high-quality parts your customers expect.

Every re-grinding and re-tipping job also includes a re-grind of the sides and base of the work blade to ensure each surface is straight and parallel.

Not sure what blade your centerless grinder requires or if your work blade needs to be repaired or replaced? Our dedicated staff of sales engineers has the expertise and experience to understand your grinding needs and ensure you get the right work blade for your machine. GCH Tool experts listen to your needs and provide the right solution for your application.

For instance, while carbide-tipped blades are appropriate for most applications, certain part materials may require a different type of work blade, such as when a bronze blade would be used for grinding stainless steel parts, because stainless steel swarf builds up on carbide-tipped blades.

Need rest guides for your centerless grinder work rest?  GCH provides new, off-the-shelf and custom-built guides, as well as repair service, all backed by the same levels of expertise and experience as our work blades.

Contact GCH to speak with one of our experienced sales engineers about the work rest guides and blades you need.